Author: Sean D. Altice

I am the Co-Owner and COO of Altez Vacations. I believe that vacations are a way to cleanse the mind, body, and soul. As a result, I find great passion in connecting travelers and guests to the local communities and cultures that make each destination unique. Through our shared experiences, we are able to break down barriers and share within our commonalities.

Satellite Image Hurricane Irma
By: Sean D. Altice
Date: 11 September 2018

One Year Removed from Hurricane Irma

By: Sean D. Altice
Date: 16 August 2018

Get out and explore Bend, Oregon for one of the best vacation days ever!

The Aerie
Photo: Jason Stepanek
By: Sean D. Altice
Date: 07 July 2018

15 Things Your Housekeeper is Missing

Altez Palm Springs Properties
Photo: Vidane Visuals
By: Sean D. Altice
Date: 25 June 2018

Preparing for a vacation home photo session is an important part in ensuring the result of your photoshoot are just as you've envisioned.  Getting the right photos is key in advertising your vacation rental and showcasing what's unique about the property.

Arm holding camera
By: Sean D. Altice
Date: 07 June 2018

Put down the shaky cell phone or cheap outdated camera.

By: Sean D. Altice
Date: 04 May 2018

Do you have your Memorial Day plans ready?

Ask Your Vacation Rental Manager More Questions
By: Sean D. Altice
Date: 24 April 2018

Asking the Right Questions When Finding A Property Manager

How To: Siesta Key Beach Day
Photo Credit: Kathleen Finnerty
By: Sean D. Altice
Date: 10 April 2018

What’s not to love about a good beach day? Who doesn’t want to splash in the water and work on that golden tan? And of course, there is no better beach to soak in those summer days than the #1 beach, Siesta Key. However, a Siesta Key Beach day could soon turn into a not-so-fun beach experience if you don’t come prepared with the knowledge of local.

Vacation Rental in the Mounrtains
Luxury Mountain Vacation Rental
By: Sean D. Altice
Date: 05 April 2018

An Introduction to the Vacation Rental Industry


By: Sean D. Altice
Date: 11 April 2017

One of the things we love about our work is the ability to meet a variety of people. We are so grateful to cross paths with the lives of thousands who are either traveling or looking for rental assistance for their own home. We especially enjoy keeping in touch and hearing about their travels after the fact. We love to know their favorite (and not-so-favorite) spots, what they cherished most about their experience, and if they have local activity/adventure suggestions for other guests.

By: Sean D. Altice
Date: 11 July 2016

We wanted to start with the question, why hospitality? While the answer may be relatively simple we find the topic very fascinating.