16 August 2018

Get out and explore Bend, Oregon for one of the best vacation days ever!

The RIngling Museum
01 July 2018

Tips for Visiting The Ringling Museum of Art

Photo by: Kyaw Tun
15 June 2018

Altez Lifestyle Explores a Sarasota Day Outdoors


The Aerie
05 June 2018

If you're in western Carolina and looking for an authentic, small town experience - we recommend a day in Dillsboro.

Hidden along the southern end of Siesta Key beach is one of the best water sporting areas on the entire west coast of Florida
24 May 2018

Hidden along the southern end of Siesta Key beach where white sand meets the sea wall is one of the

How To: Siesta Key Beach Day
10 April 2018

What’s not to love about a good beach day? Who doesn’t want to splash in the water and work on that golden tan?

11 April 2017

One of the things we love about our work is the ability to meet a variety of people. We are so grateful to cross paths with the lives of thousands who are either traveling or looking for rental assistance for their own home.

08 February 2016

My Florida map is stretched out on the table along with a list of state and national parks. I’m planning another authentic Florida staycation, my favorite getaway.